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posted 5th Nov 2014, 11:40 AM

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5th Nov 2014, 11:40 AM


I made this on Monday and decided to put it on auto update yey :)

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5th Nov 2014, 3:08 PM


A portal, oh noes!

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5th Nov 2014, 3:26 PM


"Over the mountain, the ominous cloud
coming to cover the land in a shroud,
hide in a bushel, a basement, a cave, but when cloud comes a-huntin', No one's a save... no, safe!"

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5th Nov 2014, 9:46 PM


eeep things look bad ..

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6th Nov 2014, 1:08 AM


Oh, Teddy-distraction and Uni-Tobi-Blob-attack...

I hope they get Leaf back before angel can hurt her...

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7th Nov 2014, 7:27 PM


I love this comic, the art is so beautiful and the story so touching, and all the laughs and the horrors.

And you managed to make a truly obnoxious villain. ;)

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22nd Nov 2014, 3:11 PM


Happy belated birthday, Spit. :) I'm gonna be that next summer... life's sure flying by, eh?

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